About us

Founded in 2011 and based in Jordan, The Imaginarium is dedicated to nurturing creativity through the development and implementation of innovative projects in the MENA region.

Our efforts unfold on two fronts:

Firstly, within the realm of film production, we are committed to crafting original concepts for films and TV. In addition, we actively collaborate with fellow creative storytellers, engaging in co-development and co-production projects. This initiative gave rise to Imaginarium, functioning as a creative hub with a dedication to exploring and generating imaginative ideas, visions, and scenarios.

The second aspect of our work involves delivering professional services to clients, particularly within the creative industries. This encompasses practical, hands-on services along with the provision of business development and strategic advice.

Over the years, Imaginarium Films has achieved success in developing, producing, and line-producing numerous award-winning independent films, both domestically and internationally. Our collaborations extend to partnerships with various European and regional producers around the world.

our mission

To create captivating original audio-visual content that resonates with audiences both regionally and internationally, while fostering collaborations with European and regional producers to produce award-winning films.


To be recognized as a leading production company in MENA region, known for our commitment to excellence in providing cutting-edge production services across all forms of media development and production, building on our founder’s extensive experience and passion for storytelling.

our team

We aim at creating original audio-visual content that is captivating to audiences regionally and internationally.

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